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We provide a wide range of quality laboratory services in the field of environmental analysis, including accredited sampling, analysis and consulting

The laboratory is involved in environmental protection, water management and remediation. You can rely on us to analyse all types of water, fuel, or waste, perform ecotoxicological tests, determination of asbestos in building materials or air, and, last but not least, determination of cannabinoids in various different matrices. We perform special analyses of organic substances, especially pesticides and pharmaceuticals, contamination with petroleum substances and heavy metals.

The accredited and certified AQUATEST laboratory is one of the most comprehensive laboratories in the field of environmental analysis. We solve problems in classical inorganic and organic chemistry, as well as in special organic analysis, microbiology and radiology. Since 2000, we have been providing accredited sampling and analysis, and we are proud of our well-proven work based on our own verified methods, procedures and state-of-the-art technical equipment.

Analysis of Water

We perform chemical, physical, inorganic, organic, radiological and microbiological analyses of all types of water, including the determination of pesticides and pharmaceuticals according to the current legislation of the Czech Republic as well as your requirements.

Analysis of Soil, Sludge, Sediment and Biowaste

We sample and analyse soil, waste, sediment, and compost, including an assessment of their hazardous properties. We analyse biowaste from composting plants and biogas stations, as well as sludge from wastewater treatment plants, which is a determining factor for their further use and management.

Analysis of Sand from Sandpits

We take samples and provide microbiological and parasitological analysis of sand from sandpits in outdoor playgrounds, including chemical analysis focused on the content of toxic metals.

Analysis of Soil

We perform the analysis of soil for old environmental liabilities and determine the level of contamination. We advise how to manage excavated soils and building materials based on analyses and according to valid legislation.

Analysis of Soil Gas

We sample soil gas and determine the content of contaminants. The results are then used to evaluate the atmogeochemical investigation or to assess the extent of environmental liabilities or to monitor the status of a landfill and to determine any leakage.

Analysis of Waste

In the framework of waste management, we analyse the properties of solid materials including basic descriptions of waste, determination of the content of hazardous substances and microorganisms and recommend the possibilities of further utilization or the ecological disposal of waste.

Analysis of Fuels

We determine the properties of solid alternative fuels, solid biofuels, as well as classical, solid and liquid fuels, which are a key factor in their use and demonstration of the relevant properties as a source of energy.

Ecotoxicological Tests

Using our verified methods, we determine the complex effects of all hazardous substances, including their mechanisms of interaction, and evaluate their risks based on accredited ecotoxicological tests on six species of organisms, in accordance with valid legislation.

Analysis of Asbestos

We provide accredited sampling and qualitative and quantitative analysis of asbestos and inorganic fibrous particles in solid samples and in the air. Exclusively we perform accredited field measurements of asbestos in solid materials using a portable microPHAZIR device.

Analysis of Cannabinoids

Our laboratory determines the most common cannabinoids in a wide range of matrices using GC/MS. From natural plant material to extracts, cosmetic products in the form of oils, ointments and other products.

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We Can Do Much More…

We respond to your requirements and we are constantly expanding the range of residual pesticides and pharmaceuticals in soil and water. We have over 130 accredited laboratory methods and a range of procedures for sampling and field measurement.


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