Hydrogeology, hydrology and mineral water

We map and search for water resources, protect their reserves and protect you against flooding, we design and drill wells for mineral and thermal water, we create mathematical models for water management planning projects, and we are experts in the official measurement of water flow

We Map Sources of Surface and Groundwater, Design the Use and Protection of their Reserves

We perform systemic monitoring and evaluation of surface and groundwater regimes in both partial and complex hydrogeological structures in terms of quality and quantity in relation to anthropogenic impacts. For state and regional water management plans, we prepare groundwater inventories, map resources and design the use and protection of their reserves, as well as balancing and rebalancing.

We Search for New Water Resources

After determining the geological or hydrogeological conditions of an area, the expected constraints resulting from the subsequent protection of a resource or property-law relations, we prepare the design work and carry out a hydrogeological investigation. We determine the utilizable yield of the resource, the quality of the water and define the conditions for the abstraction of the resource, including the necessity to establish protection zones. The output is a hydrogeological investigation report, which is the basis for issuing a permit for water management and the possibility of subsequent utilization of the water resource.

With regard to climatic conditions, we focus on searching for water resources in areas outside of Europe with drinking water shortages, such as Ethiopia, Moldavia or Georgia. In these regions, AQUATEST has a wealth of experience.

Mineral and Thermal Waters in Protection Zones of Natural Curative Resources and Groundwater

Based on hydrogeological investigations, we design and drill wells for the abstraction of thermal and mineral waters, as well as for the use of groundwater for drinking and industrial purposes. We also perform balneological studies and provide proposals for protection of spring structures, or search and verify thermal water reserves in rock with discontinuous aquifers and basal aquifers in the Cretaceous Basin.

Hydrogeological, Abstraction, Monitoring Wells on the Surface and Underground

We provide hydrogeological investigation, abstraction and monitoring wells, as well as special wells for heat pumps, degassing boreholes in landfills, and a whole range of boreholes drilled underground from drainage to venting boreholes. We have long-term experience and expertise in mining and mining activities. We can oversee your project from the management of documentation, supervision of drilling works and the collection, and comprehensive evaluation of the results. We also evaluate short-term and long-term pumping tests and slug tests.

We Perform Engineering Geological Investigations

For the needs of investment projects, we perform engineering geological and hydrogeological investigations on the basis of which we perform studies of the geological, geotechnical and hydrological conditions for the subsequent construction of buildings, linear and underground structures. Based on existing geological data, we also perform research for site selection for the location of deep geological repositories of radioactive waste.

In the framework of our hydrological and hydrogeological services we provide official measurement, mathematical modelling and a wide range of environmental services

Mathematical Modelling and GIS

For your project, we can create mathematical models and map attachments, including uniquely tailored information systems

We create mathematical models and map attachments for water management planning projects, environmental protection, including biological assessment of the landscape. We design the optimization and protection of groundwater abstraction, simulate and prevent floods, predict the spread of contamination in the rock environment and design its effective removal. Mathematical models solve the flow of groundwater and surface water, soil gas, transport of contamination in the saturated zone, immissions of gaseous pollutants or geochemical interactions (PHREEQC). For large-scale water and remedial projects, we also create information systems that document all of the geological, hydrogeological and hydrochemical data before, during and after the project. Our information systems enable the automatic transformation of data at different synthetic levels (GIS), the export of selected data to mathematical models in the chosen format, and other functions, making the management and evaluation of projects more efficient.

Official Measurement

We measure the flow of water in prismatic profiles and natural water channels and we issue the results in the form of a proof of official measurement

AQUATEST a.s. holds authorization for the official measurement of water flow and the AQUATEST measuring team holds a certificate of competence from the Czech metrology company in the field of hydrometric flow measurement. Therefore, we are authorized to carry out official flow measurements using hydrometers, the result of which is a proof of official measurement, which is a public document. We provide services within the legislative requirements of Act No. 254/2001 Coll.

Official Flow Measurements

Official flow measurements are used to determine or verify the flow at a given time and place. The AQUATEST measuring team determines flow rates with an expanded uncertainty of up to 5% in prismatic profiles with free flow. The output is a proof of official measurement.

We Evaluate the Functionality of Measured Systems

A protocol on the control of the functionality of a measured system, including the proof of official measurement, is used to assess whether a metering system on an open profile meets the technical and metrological requirements for flow and flow volume meters. This is how effluent from wastewater treatment plants or rainwater runoff from industrial or logistic sites is assessed.

Weekly Measurement – Determination of Outflow Volume

This measurement is carried out in cases without an installed gauge and serves as a basis for determining the annual volume of outflow in relation to a valid wastewater discharge permit. The output is a wastewater volume report, which can be supplemented by the proof of official measurement.

Flow Measurement in Non-Prismatic and Natural Water Channels

In addition to official flow measurements, we also measure water flows in non-prismatic or natural channels – MF OTT pro, Steam-Pro ADCP or TQ – Tracer. These principles allow the flow to be measured even under conditions unsuitable for hydrometers and, above all, ADCP measurements are designed to measure flood conditions. In addition to the appropriate instrumentation, we also have other equipment and experience from performing measurements under various atypical conditions.

Environmental Services

We perform environmental audits, assessments, consultation, and prevention of major accidents, and we can also provide to outsourcing of company environmental and waste managers

Environmental audits to identify environmental risks and compliance with the requirements of valid environmental legislation for those interested in buying a business, land or other property.

We provide notification, documentation and assessments for spatial planning (SEA) and environmental impact assessments (EIA).

Consultation for the implementation of EMS – ISO 14001, 18001.

Elaboration of applications, participation in the negotiations of applications with the authorities, monitoring and analysis at our accredited laboratory of Integrated Prevention and Pollution Control (IPPC).

Complete outsourcing of company environmental and waste managers, including all obligations.

Assessing the sustainable construction of buildings according to high standards in the design of environmentally-friendly buildings, BREEAM (BRE Enviromental Assessment Method)

Dispersal studies and expert opinions on air pollution, assessment of the effects of buildings as sources of air pollution and their changes to the ambient air pollution situation as a basis for assessment of the projected effects of planned buildings on the population or ecosystems.

Basic and detailed assessments of environmental damages for assessing whether an operator is required to provide financial security for corrective and preventive measures.

Prevention of major accidents caused by selected hazardous chemicals or chemical preparations.


We Take Care of Water Resources Throughout the World