Waste management

We manage the secondary use of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste and we design a wide range of sustainable solutions tailored to your business needs

Tailored Recycling Technologies

We provide consulting services in the fields of waste recycling and recovery. We supply complete technological lines including putting them into operation, training operators and servicing during operation. We develop new, unique technological processes tailored to your needs, which we verify in our own laboratories and pilot test the designed solutions on our own specialized equipment.

  • We design, plan and supply equipment and technological units for the recycling and material utilization of waste
  • We test materials on laboratory and semi-operational equipment
  • We process and recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment from flat screens, monitors, and photovoltaic panels
  • We sort waste and materials by size on different types of separators
  • We provide magnetic separation of ferromagnetic solid and liquid substances
  • We sort waste based on differences in specific gravity on fluid pneumatic separators or we use gravity separation in an aquatic environment
  • We press, briquet and pelletize waste
  • We solidify waste using a container technology
  • We crush waste containing fixed metals and plastics, including special materials such as silicon or cinders
  • We separate non-ferrous metals on an electrodynamic separator


Sustainable Solutions for Your Business

AQUATEST has been a partner of municipalities and industrial enterprises for over 60 years and we can provide innovative solutions to help you to improve your operational and economic performance while remaining environmentally friendly.