Water Management

We protect and develop water resources, measure water quality, use water in the landscape, design and implement water supplies from feasibility studies to implementation, including the reconstruction of existing systems, we also protect you from adverse water effects through flood protection measures and flood plans

Hydrological Work

We monitor surface water and groundwater and collect data usable in water management and hydrogeology. We have the necessary technical means for measuring water flow in natural streams and artificial canals, or during floods. The measured data are evaluated by determining flow curves for the needs of hydrological stations or the specific profiles. We determine the hydrological balance and the rainfall-runoff ratios of an area, and provide input material for modelling the flow of surface water or the flow rate. Based on the data, we design and implement hydrological and meteorological measurement objects for building early warning and monitoring systems, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Tailored Water Mains Supply Systems from Feasibility Studies to Implementation, including the Reconstruction of Existing Systems

In the framework of water mains supply systems, we prepare feasibility studies and design documentation for all levels for the collection, treatment, accumulation, transport and distribution of water for the needs of the population, industry and agriculture. We design new or reconstruct existing water supply systems and waterworks.

We Ensure Utilization of Water in the Landscape from Small Water Reservoirs to the Treatment and Revitalization of Watercourses

We provide a wide range of activities related to the modification of water treatment structures. Individual measures are designed by mathematical modelling the steady flow of water in channels, passportisation and assessment of water flow capacity, evaluation of hydromorphological analyses, and we propose individual measures aimed at the treatment or revitalization of watercourses. The outputs are studies, investment plans and project documentation at all levels of detail, including the actual performance of the work.

As part of the performance of the work, we carry out dredging and repairs to watercourses, we ensure the safety of overflows, weirs and dams. We strengthen the banks of watercourse using quarry stones and plant riparian vegetation. We also provide waste management by applying river sediment to agricultural land, depositing on the land surface or disposal at waste landfills.

Flood Protection

We prepare flood protection studies and project documentation with a proposal of technical and near-nature flood protection measures. Mathematical modelling of the steady-state flow of water in channels is used to specify, if necessary, the flood area and, at the same time, verify the effectiveness of the proposed flood protection measures.

Flood Plans

To coordinate activities in a given location at the time of a flood situation, we prepare flood plans as a basic document containing a set of organizational and technical measures needed to avert or mitigate damage during floods to the lives and assets of people, enterprises and the environment.


Protection, Utilization and Development of Water Resources and Flood Prevention